Robert was born in the San Francisco Bay area, growing up through the 50's and 60's in what was the best time for California and it's people. Although I was of the age of the Hippy's I was active in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets, learning about all things nautical and Naval, enlisting in the Navy at 17. On graduation from High School I was off to Radioman School and then on to Kodiak, Alaska. What a turning point of my life, I learned so much about life "not in the fast lane", how to enjoy natural things and respect the opportunities and responsibilities this state offers. I had a rock band in Kodiak as well as my Navy job, and I met many local people, allowing me to show who I am while opening more doors for my future. Of course in this new and exciting environment I met and became best friends with my partner for life, Sandra Johansen.
We married in 1973, moved to Fairbanks where Sandra worked for the Alaska Native Health Service as a Dental Therapist and I worked for an air freight company hauling materials for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. I later went to work for the Caterpillar Tractor dealer and saw that job through the pipeline construction era. Our daughter Alexandria blessed us in 1975 and by 1979 we saw Fairbanks changing in ways we didn't like (big city wise), and we wanted to raise Alie in a more scaled down town. We wanted to be on the ocean but not on an island, we kinda liked the road system and the freedom it provides so we landed in Anchor Point, as far West as you can drive on the connected hiways of North America. Alie attended grade and high school where we knew every child, their parents and businesses, and everyone who worked for the schools, with a real sense of community and friendship.
Sandra and I built and remodeled homes for Alaska Natives for several years under the Home Improvement Program locally as well as built several private homes and small businesses. In 1986 I wanted to fish but not be gone all summer (or winter) so I joined a partnership and skippered a sport fishing charter service. Soon I bought my own boat under my own business "AWARD CHARTERS" and owned and operated a very successful business until my retirement in 2012. While I was chartering Sandra was working for Safeway and after 16 years she was ready for retirement, but she also serves her Native Corporation as Vice President requiring time and attention to issues her people face, and she has her home interests and crafts to keep her busy.
So now into retirement we go, but first I am taking drum lessons online with, after more than 20 years playing in bands, then going 30 years without playing at all I decided to take lessons to see if I can get "Good", or at least stay encouraged to play. I have had a blast, so much has changed and the new equipment and great sounds you get from it, and the artists we get as guests on Drumeo and the regular field of master instructors keeps this old man on my toes. I wish I had the internet back when I was just learning the drums, who knows, I could have been great! Ha Ha....

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